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From Dolores Kelley (July 2019):  Enjoy these pictures from the Lakeshore Miniatures Retreat Weekend

Elaine Dunische, Susan Schmidt
Patti Watts and daughter Sally Klein
Laura Graney
Barbara Anderson, Kay Felde
Sandy Whipple, Barbara Hefti
Lynn Jensen, Karen Notaro, Cathy Kalte
Peg Eklund, Nancy Flanagan
Teresa Callender
Ron Mueller, JoEllen Sweet, Elinor Czarnecki
Kim Thomas, Judi Palenski
Florence McCutcheon, Barbara Engel
Sandy Whipple, Marilyn Neilsen

From Dolores Kelley (June 2019):  I was able to attend the Waukesha show last weekend and found that it had more dealers and more attendees than last year (the first). Teresa Zweiner is working hard to get the Midwest shows up and running. She already has plans for next year, so make sure to be in Waukesha, Minneapolis or St. Louis to support her.

From Alician Pearce (October 2018):  These are pictures of some raffle items from Retreat into Miniatures. They were raffled off to benefit NAME.  RIM raised $515 with these, along with a registration for RIM 2019.


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